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"The Camera Eye" Out Now


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"He showcases a surprising amount of awareness about the process and how much difficulty comes into song crafting and creation... His eye towards the challenges of the music life and the difficulties awaiting him fills me with the hope that McDermott will be here next week and next year as well"




The young, New York-based singer-songwriter is releasing his new album, The Camera Eye, this July 2021. From the grand opening of the title track to the 80’s inspired finale, “Like A Movie”, McDermott leads the listener through a variety of different sonic landscapes. He shows his singer-songwriter roots with tracks like, “Hollywood, he packs a punch with the heavy and hard-hitting, “Addicted”, and tries to fall in love with songs like, “Tell Me” and “Lonely Star”.


With each song having its own identity, Peter centers every one of his songs around his unique voice and the warm hum of his guitar. By building on top of those two elements, he is able to bring his own twist to the indie singer/songwriter sound that leaves the listener wanting more.

Peter McDermott - Tell Me

Peter McDermott - Tell Me

Number: (631) 626-5078

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